About Us

Welcome to Grand Touring Magazine

For those of you readers and subscribers who just joined to us, I want to welcome you all to the all-new reborn and rejuvenated Grand Touring Magazine, now in digital format. Grand Touring was a brainchild of mine that we launched in 2011. It was and remains so today as a totally new way of presenting my passion for great cars to you men and women who share the same enthusiasm as I do. Back then, our intention was not to provide the usual mundane information about the cars themselves that many other publications may already provide you with. But it is the essence of living and the beautiful & luxurious lifestyle associated with fine automobiles, such as fashion, travel, its arts & design, the world of car cultures & their people and the wonderful adventure of driving and seeing new things that are out there, which the term Grand Touring should be about.

It is now 2017 and though we have changed the media format, this Grand Touring concept of ours has never changed since the beginning and we will continue to do so in our usual uncompromising way. In fact, this new website will be much more effective than ever before in bringing you the true meaning of Grand Touring and I am confident that you will all enjoy the ride.

We may have taken a detour from where we started, but we have always intended to come back to The Beautiful Road Ahead.

Best regards,