1965 Jaguar E-Type Roadster
Raced By Stirling Moss

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Semi-Lightweight looks with hard-top for racing

UK’s H&H Classics, an auction house based in Warrington in Cheshire who specialises in collectible automobiles, motorcycles and any other types of vehicles will be holding a major auction at RAC Woodcote Park in Surrey next month. On the 5th of June, the event will feature quite a wide variety of vintages on sale, ranging from the cars developed by designer Frank Costin of “Cosworth” engine fame, a 1965 Maserati Mistral 3700 to pre-war cars, such as a 1935 Fiat 508 S Balilla.

The auction will follow the Motor Sport Hall of Fame dinner which will be held at the same venue the night before. So fittingly the major highlight of H&H’s entire offerings the next day would undoubtedly be the 1965 Jaguar E-Type Roadster “Semi-Lightweight” featured here. What made this standard XKE, which had been modified and updated into “Lightweight” racing specs that included lighter aluminium “Abbey Panels” bonnet, a 4.2 Litre engine and five-speed Getrag gearbox, a standout is the fact it has been raced by none other than the legendary British racing driver Sir Stirling Moss himself.

Brawny 4.2 engine fits for Moss
The car in action during the '91 Manx Mountain Challenge

While Sir Stirling may have been a Jaguar Works driver during his prime, from racing an XK120 early in his career right through to the C-Type and the D-Type in many historic races such as Le Mans, this is the first XK-E he ever drove in competition. Prepared by marque specialist Jeremy Broad, Moss raced the car at the 1991 Manx Mountain Challenge on the Isle of Man.

Period Union Jack and racing decals still intact
Classic E-Type facia

It should be noted that the car continued to be raced at other events afterward for several years, including by the king of Touring Car Win Percy who drove it in the 40th Anniversary of the E-Type race at Donington Park.

Lightweight styling cues included ventilations on roof and rear boot
“He Sat Here”—the eventual buyer gets to sit at where Moss was, including Touring Car great Win Percy also

Although the car was not raced in-period, its provenance of having been driven in anger in the hands of two motor racing icons would undoubtedly be a major factor. It will be interesting to see what the auction result would be next month against the estimates of £110,000 to £130,000.

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Sir Stirling with the car back in the '90s