Ferrari Finali Mondiali
Daytona, Florida – Part 2

Part 2

Keith Bluemel Words by Keith Bluemel

The gathering also featured the inaugural Ferrari Classiche Concours, where around 60 cars were entered for judging, with a number of other examples for display only, together with an array of modern supercars and special edition models on the concours field, including some SP (Special Project) examples. The latter group included the latest example to leave the department, the SP275RW Competizione, chassis # 223542, which is a spectacular F12 based modern homage to the 275 GTB/C Speciale, chassis # 06885, which finished 3rd at Le Mans in 1965. The RW in the model title are the initials of the owner, Dr Rick Workman, who commissioned the project. There were also no less than five of the ten limited edition F60 Americas built present on the show field, together with a splendid array of LaFerraris and a broad selection of classic models. The “Ferrari Classiche Enzo Ferrari Award” for the Best in Show went to the 166 MM Touring Barchetta, chassis # 0006 M, of Brian and Kimberley Ross, whilst Laurence Stroll’s 330 P4, chassis # 0856, won the award for the “Most Historically Significant Ferrari”. All other major awards are shown in the list provided by Ferrari North America at the end of the article.

The dinner on the Saturday evening, hosted by Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne, had a packed programme, as apart from the presentation of the Challenge trophies for the winners of the Trofeo Pirelli, Trofeo Pirelli Am and Coppa Shell regional groups, Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, plus presentation of the concours awards, there was also the world premiere unveiling of the 2017 488 Challenge car. 2017 will also mark the 25th anniversary of the Challenge series, which started with the 348 model in 1992, since when there have been over 1000 races and 1000 drivers taking part. The series started with a kit for owners to convert road cars, but as it has progressed through the subsequent F355, 360, 430 and 458 models the cars have become increasingly more sophisticated and race orientated, whilst still maintain the road car profile, whilst the 488 version will be the first turbocharged model in the series. The evening concluded with a RM Sotheby’s run charity auction, featuring memorabilia and a LaFerrari, donated by Ferrari SpA, which sold for US$7 million in benefit of the earthquake victims in central Italy.


The Sunday activity included the two Finali Mondiali races to decide the world titles in the three classes, Trofeo Pirelli, Trofeo Pirelli Am and Coppa Shell, with the respective titles going to Carlos Kauffmann (Ferrari of Ft. Lauderdale), Sam Smeeth (Stratstone Ferrari) and Thomas Loefflad (StileF Squadra Corse). These races were followed by the traditional demonstration runs by the international series GT contenders in the form of the 488 GTE and 488 GT3 models, preceded by a special run of F333 SPs in recognition of the 1998 Daytona 24 Hour race win, and then the F1 show. In this Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen ran in 2009 F60 F1 cars, giving an impressive high speed demonstration run, including pit stops, and concluding with the traditional rubber burning doughnuts. The remainder of the afternoon entertainment was provided by the XX programme and Corse Clienti participants, bringing a veritable feat of Ferrari activity, both on and off the track to a close.

All Awards Ferrari Classiche Concours, 3 December, 2016

These awards are earned by Ferraris that ranked the very highest based on objective judging by three person judging teams. The judging process based on Judging Guidelines by the International Advisory Council for the Preservation of the Ferrari Automobile (IAC/PFA). All earn Platinum Awards (97 Points or above) to be eligible for a major judged award.

Ferrari Classiche Enzo Ferrari Award – Overall Best of Show

1949   166 MM “Touring Barchetta”                   0006 M                       Brian & Kimberly Ross

Best of Show Ferrari Classiche Preservation Award – Best Preserved Ferrari

1972   365 GTB/4                                                                 16559                        Phil & Martha Bachman

Best of Show Ferrari Classiche Race Ferrari Award – Best Race Ferrari

1956   410 Sport                                                             0596 CM                       Brian & Kimberly Ross

Best of Show Ferrari Classiche road Ferrari Award – Best Road Ferrari

1961   400 Superamerica                                            2331 SA                       Peter Kalikow

Best Concours Prepared Classiche Ferrari – Best Concours Prepared Ferrari

1961   400 Superamerica                                           2809 SA                        Richard Workman

Best of Show Ferrari Classiche Supercar – Best supercar Ferrari

2003 Enzo Ferrari                                                          135262                        Phil & Martha Bachman

Best V12 Cylinder Ferrari Classiche Award – Best 12 Cylinder Ferrari

1957   250 GT Cabriolet                                              0777 GT                       Peter Kalikow

Best 8 Cylinder Ferrari Classiche Award – best 8 cylinder Ferrari

1984   GTO                                                                                57723                       Phil & Martha Bachman

Dino Ferrari Classiche Award – Best 6 cylinder Ferrari

1974   Dino 246 GTS                                                     07544/E                        Phil & Martha Bachman

Other Major Awards

All Ferraris on the field today, December 3, 2016 – both Concours Judged and Concours Display Ferrari were eligible for consideration.

Most Elegant Classiche Certified Ferrari – most elegant Ferrari –

1957   250 GT Cabriolet                                              0777 GT                        Peter Kalikow

*Most Historically Significant Ferrari – most significant in Ferrari history

1966   330 P4                                                                             0856                        Laurence Stroll

*Ferrari with Most Significant Race History – most significant race history

1967   335S                                                                                  0674                        Brian & Kimberly Ross

Ferrari Spider Cup – outstanding design, engineering & beauty in an open Ferrari

1958   412 S                                                                         0744 MI                         Chris Cox

Ferrari Coupe Cup – outstanding design, engineering & beauty in a closed Ferrari

1962   250 GTO                                                                3445 GT                         Chris Cox

Ferrari Superamerica and Superfast Cup – significant Superamerica or Superfast

2005   Superamerica                                                       142385                         Elliott Pritch

Significant Contemporary Road Ferrari Cup – significant example of design & engineering

2003   Enzo Ferrari                                                           133512                        Kevin Cogan

Significant Contemporary Racing Ferrari Cup – Significant example of design and engineering

1997   F333 SP                                                                               017                        Remo Ferri

Ferraris Earning Platino Recognition at Ferrari Classiche, Daytona International Speedway, December 3, 2016

Class 1:  275 / 330 / 365

1967   275 GTB/4                                                                     9737                          Mark Newman

1967   275 GTB/4                                                                  10269                           Phil & Martha Bachman

1967   275 GTB/4S“NART Spyder”                           10749                           Richard Workman

1973   365 GTB4S                                                                 16545                           Charles Scardina

Class 2:  Early Racing and GT   

1949   166 MM “Touring Barchetta”                     0006 M                         Brian & Kimberly Ross

1951   212 Export                                                                0080 E                          Brian & Kimberly Ross

1955   250 Europa                                                           0419 GT                          Ken Roath

Class 3:  Grand Touring

1957               250 GT Cabriolet                                  0777 GT                          Peter Kalikow

1961               400 Superamerica                                 2331 SA                          Peter Kalikow

1962               250 GT (Passo Corto)                        3409 GT                         Arthur Urciouli

1963               250 California (Passo Corto)         4137 GT                         Richard Workman

1963               250 GT Berlinetta Lusso                 5593 GT                          Phil & Martha Bachman

1964               250 GT Berlinetta Lusso                  5181 GT                           Joseph Dash

Class 4:  Modern

1975               365 GT4 BB                                                    18631                           Phil & Martha Bachman

1980               512 BB                                                               31549                           Remo Ferri

1989               328 GTS                                                            79961                           Jean Bernard Remond

1991               Testarossa                                                       87750                           Kevin Cogan

2005               Superamerica                                            142385                          Elliott Pritch

2009               F430 Scuderia                                          170300                          Leone Padula

Class 5:  Preservation

1961   400 Superamerica                                             2809 SA                         Richard Workman

1963   250 GT 2+2                                                            4843 GT                        Greg Jones

1972   365 GTB4                                                                     16559                         Phil & Martha Bachman

1974   Dino 246 GTS                                                      07544/E                         Phil & Martha Bachman

1984   GTO                                                                                 57723                         Phil & Martha Bachman

1985   GTO                                                                                 57697                          Charles Scardina

Class 6:  Racing

1956               410 Sport                                                   0596 CM                         Brian & Kimberly Ross

1954               250 Monza                                                   0432 M                         Dana &Patti Mecum

1997               F333 SP                                                                  017                           Remo Ferri

1994               F1 412 T10 B                                                        151                            Charles Scardina

1995               F355 Challenge                                         104415                          Heinz Swoboda

2003               360 N-GT                                                         2022                          Kevin Cogan

Class 7:  Supercar

1988               288 Evoluzione                                           79888                          David Raisbeck

1992               F40                                                                     93607                          Phil & Martha Bachman

1995               F50                                                                    104121                          Phil & Martha Bachman

2003               Enzo Ferrari                                             135262                          Phil & Martha Bachman

2003               Enzo Ferrari                                              133512                          Kevin Cogan

2003               Enzo Ferrari                                              131878                          Charles Scardina

2006               FXX                                                                 146361                          Phil & Martha Bachman

Note: The names of the cars used in the awards list are based on the commercial names for a particular model as defined in period and used by the Classiche Department to write and issue Classiche Certification Certificates.