Cavallino Classic 28
Tour of Palm Beach

Knotty Nawadhinsukh Words by Knotty Nawadhinsukh
One of our favourite hotels in the world at the start

The 28th edition of the Cavallino Classic, the perennial event that kicks off another year of great motoring events on the calendar, was held as ever at one of the most luxurious parts of the world at West Palm Beach in southern Florida.

David Lee's 3.6 Evo Dino glistened after the morning rain shower
Debonair 365 GTC/4

As it is probably THE biggest assembly of the most valuable collections of Ferraris out there, the idea of flying half way around the world, through three connections and about 32 hours-worth of door-to-door travelling time from Bangkok to Palm Beach International Airport—just to attend the 4-day occasion—seemed like a logical thing to do!

the 250 GT Berlinetta SWB joined later at the party
...and so did this 275 GTS

Signalling the start of “Cavallino Classic 28” stylishly on the first day was the Tour of Palm Beach. Similar to that as in the previous year, a contingent of cars with the Prancing Horse badge from the past right up to the very latest models got together for an afternoon cruise through the town in order to visit the major highlighted spots. Streams of Ferraris from each era swarming the streets made a pleasant sight once more for the benefit of local onlookers—serving as a nice prelude to what was to come during the last weekend of the first month of 2019.

Eager line-up once the storm subsided
Just one more snap before the Tour of Palm Beach commenced

What was dissimilar though to the tour that we saw for ourselves back in 2018 was the weather (which turned out to be a recurring theme for the event in the remaining days). Heavy rains since morning that had continued toward lunchtime on that Thursday appeared to have put on a spoil to the proceedings that we were so looking forward to.

Pretty California T was one of the early cars to leave
Last pose at The Breakers before hopping into the rental...

But alas, the sky opened up just as we were about to think that the tour was going to be abandoned. Thus allowing us the pleasure of watching Ferraris after Ferraris lining themselves up under the imposing background of The Breakers Hotel for the start.

First stop for afternoon desserts
Last pose at The Sailfish Club before hopping into the rental for Worth Avenue...

Soon after as the firsts of the cars began to leave, we made haste for our rented convertible in order to make our way to the Sailfish Club, the swanky private yachting establishment which was to be the first stop of the tour. This was in the hope that we would be ready for the arrival of all the Ferraris who took part for the camera. Even more than that, we were welcomed to enter the club this time to sample the gorgeous view overlooking Lake Worth Lagoon from the inside as we enjoyed the specially made desserts prepared for the participants.

250 GT Berlinetta "Tour de France" spotted
"True Blues'

As much as we had wanted to stay, it was off to the next checkpoint at The Colony before heading toward the Ferretti Group near the Worth Avenue Clock Tower. This was a new destination of the tour where coffee and tea were served as the Ferrari owners took a break to admire another beautiful Italian creation, the Riva 33 Aquariva Cento, the special edition boat on display within the Ferretti showroom.

Visiting the Ferretti Group for coffee
Can't finish the tour without a nice souvenir courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

With one more quick visit to the elegant Tiffany & Co. to receive a complimentary gift further down on Worth Avenue, the tour ended at The Royal Poinciana this time rather than returning to The Breakers like before. This boutique plaza may have been the finish line to the Tour of Palm Beach but it so happens to be where the first official party of the Cavallino Classic 28 begins. For aside from the tour participants, other guests and officials also attended including yet more Ferraris joining. This included a 250 GT Berlinetta Tour de France which we caught a quick glimpse earlier but did not take part in the tour proper among with the others.

Final stop at Royal Poinciana Plaza was Ferrari-themed
“You wouldn’t believe the size that got away”—finally convinced other guests of the Tour de France sighting earlier

The festivity on this first day lasted well into not-too-late a night, thanks to the atmosphere that the organiser had created. It was relaxed and simple with cocktails and snacks served (including a very nice ice cream) right there in the middle of the courtyard of the Royal Poinciana. Also since this was our third trip, it was indeed welcoming to see some familiar faces—including some familiar Ferraris—who we met from the years before.

Cavallino Classic 28 is going to be a lot of fun in the coming days.

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