The Best of Renault Design

Knotty Nawadhinsukh Words by Knotty Nawadhinsukh

At this week’s Rétromobile in the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center, Renault will be displaying their Renault Classic collection, a series of vehicles representing over a century of their work, from the 1911 Type CH to their latest award-winning Concept Car, the Trezor.

The Renault Classic collection, with the latest Trezor concept car leading the way

One of the highlights that stood out from this 11-car display would be the still attractive Floride (so named because it was conceived during the French manufacturer’s employee convention in that state). This rear-engined little number was Renault’s way of trying to upset the Volkswagen Beetle’s success and was made famous when Brigitte Bardot owned one for a while.

The pretty Renault Floride

Also among this exhibition is the Renault Laguna Concept from 1990. This turbocharged roadster was relatively outlandish during its time as it came included with a pair of matching “visors” for the driver and passenger to wear which had built-in speakers.

The Renault Laguna Concept Car from the Nineties

But the main find that Renault put on the show for the first time would be the 1939 Viva Grand Sport coupé . The car, with only around 14,000 miles recorded on the odometer, is in as-found condition after over 40 years of neglect but is still in perfect working order—complete with stylish pre-war rumble seat.

The 1939 Viva Grand Sport coupé still retaining its patina